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★  Raised in pure alkaline chalk spring waters naturally high in zinc

★  A natural habitat and breeding ground for wildlife including; Kingfishers, Water Voles, Egrets, Osprey and Swans!

★  Low stock density's, even lower than RSPCA guidelines

★  Water filtered clean before returning to source

★  No genetic engineering

★  No growth hormones

★  No microplastics

★  No bycatch or escapes

★  Minimal use of preventative antibiotics

★  High-grade sustainable feed ingredients for optimal nutrition


Quality Trout UK (QTUK) is a quality assurance scheme for trout farming in the UK. It covers all the activities associated with farming food safety and full traceability of each rainbow trout, including fish welfare. QTUK provides assurance that the trout our customers eat is the highest possible standard. We are inspected annually by an independent, UKAS accredited certifying body. 

RSPCA ensures animals have everything they need for a better quality of life which covers the fish's lives, including their health,  diet, environment, care and handling throughout all stages of their life. 

Global G.A.P stands for Good Agriculture Practice. Global G.A.P's main objective is setting worldwide standards for safe and sustainable agriculture at every stage of production.




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