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Established in 1955 by Expert Danish Fish Farmers, The Jensen family, who brought their expertise (and a little bit of magic) to East Yorkshire, took advantage of the unique environment WANSFORD had to offer, being located close to the most Northern chalk stream springs in Europe. 

With water quality being the most important thing in the production of good quality fish, our site with its crystal clear chalk stream waters was chosen as being the perfect environment in which to rear our unique genetic strain of TROUT.

Temperature is also critical and again WANSFORD provided a near constant 12 degrees.

The basics therefore were provided by nature. The Jenson expertise was put to work to create the infrastructure conducive to the highest standards of animal welfare. Even in 1955 the bench mark was set well above current standards so very little has had to change over the years as what worked then, works just as well now. 

In 2017 it was recognised that quality fish farming had become more important to the world as sustainable and production needed to come to land bases where quality and care can be monitored more closely and scientifically. WANSFORD was therefore well placed to lead the way with Recirculating - Aquaculture - Systems (RAS). A programme of facility modernisation began to be undertaken and continues today to produce STELLAR quality TROUT.

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