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Mouth watering Wansford Yorkshire Chalk Spring Trout cooked simply in the oven with juicy lemon and fresh herbs.

Food doesn't need to be fancy to taste great. Fresh ingredients = fantastic food!

Our Rainbow trout is packed full of all the rich omega 3 and Vitamin D your body needs as well as being great for the Immune system whats not to enjoy

Prepare your oven and cover an oven sheet with parchment paper.

Taking Wansford Trout's freshly sliced fillets, place them on a your baking tray and drizzle lightly with oil. Cut up your lemons and place the lemon slices onto your trout. Any remaining lemon slices can be squeezed over your trout. Season with your favourite herbs and put in the oven until your trout has lightly browned.

If you try this recipe, please tag us using the hashtag #wansfordtroutrecipe or contact us with your recipe ideas for a chance to be features!


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