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Upgrade your favourite comfort food with our next level cheese on toast trout recipe!


Lime trout & horseradish pâté

Cheddar cheese

Star shaped cookie cutter


Salt & Pepper

Begin by making your trout into a pâté by simply blending your succulent cooked trout with freshly squeezed lime and horseradish! Add butter for a savoury touch!

Next place your toast on top of an oven tray covered with parchment paper! This will ensure your toast doesn't get stuck. Top with your desired amount of cheddar cheese!

It should now look like this!

Taking your trout pâté, fill up the shape you cut out!

Here comes the fun part! Take your marmite and outline your shape! You can use your knife to do this! Don't worry if it's messy, remember it's the taste that matters!

Finish off by seasoning using your desired amount of salt and pepper!

And there you have it! A delicious, savoury meal!

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