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Our famous Yorkshire trout, served with melted goats cheese and sweet chilli sauce! Serve warm over homemade chips and your favourite vegetables! Here we've used kale, asparagus, horseradish and baby corn, but feel free to swap and switch your favourites!


Wildbear Trout

Goats cheese

Sweet chilli sauce

Homemade chips




Baby corn

Salt & Pepper


Start by preparing your fresh ingredients:

Rinse your asparagus and slice your goats cheese as desired.

Chop your kale up - you can buy pre-chopped kale but for softer kale we recommend taking off the stalks so you're left with the soft leaves!

Take your baby corn and rinse. Chop your horseradish into thin slices.

Move on to preparing your trout:

Glaze your trout with a sweet chilli sauce. Sprinkle your favourite herbs.

Next add your slices of goats cheese for that savoury flavour.

Cover your kale with oil and make sure your leaves are properly covered. Sauté your kale in a frying pan until they shrink and crisp up! Season with salt.

If you like, you can roast some potatoes for delicious homemade fries!

Your trout should like this!

And the finished meal:

If you have kids, you can have extra fun with presentation!

If you try this recipe don't forget to take pictures and use the hashtag #wansfordtroutrecipe so we can feature your delicious meal!


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