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A delicious spin on the classic omelette, Wansford Trout adds a savoury and nutritious touch to this traditional cuisine!


Free range eggs

Almond milk

Wansford Trout



Broad beans


Crispy Kale

Toasted pine nuts

Grilled Coconut Halloumi

Trout Caviar

Avocado oil

Salt & pepper

Begin by preparing your ingredients.

Whisk your eggs with almond milk and add a desired amount of salt and pepper. Prepare a frying pan with avocado oil and when hot add your omelette mixture, topping with coconut halloumi before flipping. Towards the end add your broad beans before removing from the pan and putting on a plate to one side.

Add some more oil to the pan and add in a handful of kale, asparagus and onion. Sauté in the oil till soft and tender.

Add on top of your omelette. Sprinkle desired amount of pine nuts

Finish with a good dollop of fresh trout caviar.

If you enjoyed this recipe, please feel free to tag us by using the hashtag #wansfordtroutrecipe so we can share your creations!

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